Tri-Fidget Spinner - White & Green - Chrome Steel Bearings

By Fidget Monkeys

$4.95 $19.95
  • High Quality Injected Molded Plastics (No 3D Printing Here)!!
  • Chrome Steel Bearing - 608RS Outters
  • Perfect for the person that tends to fidget! Like me! :)
  • Great for children or adults that suffer from ADD, and ADHD
  • Has been proven in some instances to help children and adults with Autism

The bearing buttons will become loose over time. To fix this simply tighten the buttons back together by pushing them firmly inwards towards each other. 

Do NOT use lubricants or sprays on the bearings. These bearings are dry for a better spin. If you remove the bearing buttons and lubricate the bearings you may cause your spinner to spin slower.

The best method for cleaning the bearings is to use isopropyl alcohol, then completely air dry or use canned air to dry the bearing. Be careful replacing the bearing buttons to make sure that you do crack them. 

Bearings and bearing buttons can and will fall out over time which is normal. They are merely pressed in and easily press back into the body of the spinner. These items are small and should not be place in the mouth as they could propose a choking hazard. 

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